Antis Enraged Over Chen’s Congratulatory Post For The Fanclub’s 6th Anniversary

Here we go again.

The 5th of August marks the 6th anniversary for the formation of EXO-L‘s fanclub. As tradition, many idols take to their social media platforms or fan cafes to congratulate their fans on their “birthday”. However, it seems that many Korean netizens in particular, were enraged over EXO‘s Chen‘s congratulatory post on the official LYSN fancafe.

Chen had posted the following on the 5th of August.

EXO-L, congratulations on your 6th birthday. I hope you enjoy at least today, freely~!!

— Chen, EXO

| theqoo

It seems that this post was the first one of its nature that Chen had ever posted, despite the fanclub being around for 6 years now. Netizens could not accept that it took him this long to post about the fanclub, and were even more angered by the timing at which it came, given that there is still unrest and divided opinions about his existence in the group.

Netizens had previously called for his exit from the group, as well as held mass demonstrations at protests after his sudden marriage announcement. However, many other fans have continued to show him support and congratulated him for the safe delivery of his baby a few months back.

Source: theqoo