EXO’s Lay Invited One Of The “Stage K” Contestants To Go On Tour With Him

EXO-Ls couldn’t be happier for him:

EXO-Ls recently found out that one of the contestants from the latest episode of Stage K with EXO is going to be touring with Lay and they couldn’t be happier for him.


EXO-Ls recently got to see some of their fellow fans bring the heat on the latest episode of JTBC‘s Stage K. While each and every team stole fans’ hearts, Team USA definitely left a huge impression with their performance of “Tempo” in the first round and their own unique rendition of “Growl” in the second.


When they ultimately came in second on the show, many fans were disappointed that they wouldn’t get to see one more performance from the team! But, it turns out that they will get to see one of the dancers very soon on tour with Lay!


Luciano Julien recently posted to Instagram that he had been invited to go on tour with Lay for his upcoming concert series starting July 6 in Shanghai. Through the post, he expressed his excitement and showed Lay a whole lot of love!


Since hearing the news, EXO-Ls have been expressing their own excitement over it and have been sending lots of love to Luciano Julien.


With Lay’s concert right around the corner, fans will get to not only see Lay burning up the stage but Luciano too!