EXO’s Manager Is Playing Peacemaker For EXO And X-EXO And Fans Can’t Handle It

He really doesn’t want to see EXO and X-EXO fight!

As the battle between EXO and their X-EXO counterparts has been heating up, everyone from EXO-Ls to EXO’s managers has been declaring which side of the war they’re on. That is everyone except EXO’s Jinwook manager who’s taking an altogether different approach to the battle between them!


While EXO’s Youngmin manager may have had fans laughing hard when he declared himself team EXO all the way, Jinwook manager has everywhere laughing even harder as he tries to get each of the EXO and X-EXO members to settle their differences before November 27


Starting with the release of Kai‘s teaser, Jinwook has been taking on the role of peacemaker as he’s been posting the teaser photos to his Instagram. Each of his posts starts off by telling them to “get along well” before dropping a peace tactic like shaking each other’s hands…


Or simply hugging it out!


But he’s also had some other suggestions that have been making it even harder for EXO-Ls to catch their breath! Instead of keeping the peace between Sehun and his clone, well, he decided to let them battle it out…in a staring contest!


And as for Baekhyun, well, he doesn’t even know what to say to these two other than wonder aloud why they’re so close!


Meanwhile, when it came to Chen and his X-EXO version, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a little play Chen’s “Shall We?” solo.


As EXO-Ls eagerly anticipate Jinwook manager’s post for Suho and his doppelganger, his current peacemaking attempts are being met with a whole lot of laughter and love from EXO-Ls who can’t stop cracking up over all his hilarious captions!


Meanwhile, EXO will be making their highly-anticipated OBSESSION comeback on November 27!