EXO-Ls Are 110% Convinced Sehun Spoiled The Date For His And Chanyeol’s Subunit Debut

Spoiler king Sehun may have struck again!

It hasn’t been that long since SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO‘s Sehun and Chanyeol would be making their official debut as a duo and releasing an album in July, but detective EXO-Ls believe they know the exact date they duo will debut and it’s all thanks to spoiler king Sehun!


It’s a well-known fact that when it comes to dropping spoilers, Sehun is king. He’s spoiled countless comebacks, secretly sneaks in information where you might least expect it, and even got scolded by Chanyeol for releasing some spoiler content through his Instagram page!


And many fans are convinced that the spoiler king has arrived once more, this time revealing the exact date for his and Chanyeol’s unit debut. Fans have recently noticed something very interesting about the dates Sehun has been posting on Weibo. In March he posted on the 11th…


In April he did it on the 12th…


May on the 13th…


And again on June 14!


Noticing the pattern in his posts, many EXO-Ls are convinced this isn’t simply a coincidence! Following the pattern from the previous months, detective fans believe that Sehun was subtly hinting that the debut will be on July 15!


Although we won’t know for certain if the spoiler king has well and truly struck again or not until SM Entertainment makes things official, we do know that Chanyeol and Sehun’s subunit is going to be amazing! Now excuse us while we go listen to “We Young” while waiting for their unit debut.