EXO’s Sehun Was Willing To Do Anything To Complete His Mission With Park Min Young, Except Aegyo

He really didn’t want to do any aegyo!

EXO‘s Sehun needed to complete a mission given to him in a behind-the-scenes video for the new season of Busted!, but he soon found himself with an extra task to complete thanks to Park Min Young. One that involved a whole lot of adorable aegyo!


Tasked with getting Min Young’s autograph, Sehun’s plan of attack was to ask for her autograph for a friend.

It’s just that my friends asked me to get your autograph. It’s only now that I’ve gathered the courage to ask you!

— Sehun


Although his sudden interest in gaining her autograph raised her suspicions at first, she quickly picked up on what was going on! Unfortunately for Sehun though, to get her autograph for his mission, she had a condition — she wanted to see Sehun dance!

Ah! In that case, if I autograph those pictures, what will you do for me? Will you dance for me?

— Park Min Young


When Sehun seemed a little shy after hearing her sudden request, Min Young decided to spare Sehun from any dancing and changed her request. This time she asked Sehun to do a little bit of aegyo!


In that case, if you ask me for an autograph in a cute voice I’ll do it for you.

— Park Min Young


At first, Sehun tried his hardest to work around having to do some aegyo. He shyly hid his face and even attempted to hide behind Min Young! But with some coaxing and a blush on his face, he tried to get it over and done with as quickly as possible!


That, however, wasn’t as cute as Min Young wanted so with a little more persuasion, Min Young got Sehun to bust out some of his cutest aegyo…even if it made him the shyest maknae around!


With the help of his adorable aegyo, Sehun was not only able to make Park Min Young the happiest noona around but he was also able to complete his mission! You can check out the extra cute moment below: