Even Siri Knows EXO’s Sehun Is Seriously The Cutest Maknae Who Can’t Sleep Alone

Siri knows Sehun so well!

Siri is a pretty useful tool when it comes to searching the internet for information. While Siri often helps find all the information you were looking for, sometimes Siri will sneak in a couple of bonus facts too. Bonus facts, like say, EXO Sehun‘s unique sleeping habit!

Suho has mentioned before that Sehun really can’t sleep alone and fans found out how true that is during the second season of EXO’s Ladder that Sehun finds the thought of sleeping alone to be a huge punishment, even when it’s meant to be a reward!ย Now EXO and EXO-L aren’t the only ones who know Sehun’s habit, Siri does too!

An EXO-L recently shared their particular Siri results. Simply asking, “Siri-ah, who is Sehun?” they discovered that Siri doesn’t just know Sehun’s position in EXO or that he’s a key member of EXO-SC, it turns out Siri also knows Sehun absolutely cannot sleep alone! Listed as a bonus fact under the normal search results, Siri really added a section a note about Sehun’s habit!

Hearing that even Siri knows Sehun can’t sleep alone, more EXO-Ls decided to test Siri’s Sehun knowledge and it turns out Siri knows Sehun and his habits really well! For example, asking Siri if Sehun can sleep alone, you get some pretty hilarious suggestions!

EXO-Ls have been finding this interesting piece of information absolutely hilarious, pointing out how well Siri knows Sehun.

Knowing those kinds of facts, it looks like Siri is a fan of Sehun too!