EXO’s Sehun Had So Much Fun Teasing A Fan With His Autograph He Went Back For Another Round

He kept his autographed ball just out of their reach:

Any fan would love to take home one of the autographed balls idols hand out during their concerts, after all it’s the perfect reminder of an amazing experience. But receiving one of those autographed mementos isn’t the easiest especially if EXO‘s Sehun is involved!


Sehun has been known to be an absolute tease when it comes to the autographed item. He even trolled one fan by giving them his marker instead! While Sehun didn’t give another fan his marker, he did amp up his teasing game once again…


By keeping the ball just out of reach of an EXO-L! During a concert, Sehun was passing out his autographed balls. After locking onto his target, a fan who was ready to receive the ball, Sehun held it out so it was close to the EXO-L’s hand — just not close enough!


After leaving the poor EXO-L behind, Sehun made his return to the same fan…only to tease them again!


This time, however, after he teased them a little longer, he handed the autographed item to them!


Meanwhile, the lucky EXO-L’s fellow fans have been absolutely loving this moment. They can’t help cracking up over Sehun’s trolling behavior, being reminded of the infamous marker incident, and crossing their fingers that the EXO-L caught the whole thing on tape!


While we may have to wait to see whether or not the lucky fan captured the moment or not, we can all enjoy this adorable fancam in the meantime!


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