EXO Suho calls Sehun “mentally ill” on live stream, fans not happy with his word choice.

Suho’s comment has disappointed many fans who are not only criticizing, but actually taking action.

EXO members Suho and Sehun caused disappointment among fans, during their recent Instagram Live broadcast for being insensitive to the disabled.


In the video, Sehun is experimenting with different digital Instagram sticker effects when Suho says, “People will think you’re weird.”

Sehun asks Suho to try opening his mouth to the camera. Suho tries twice, before stating that it’s “weird”.


When Sehun says there’s nothing weird about this, Suho continues, “People will think you’re mentally ill.”

Sehun laughs it off, focused on the sticker effects on his face.


This short footage has gone viral and fans have reacted negatively to Suho’s comment to Sehun. Though it was said as a joke, fans are not happy that Suho thinks it’s okay to even say things like that.

“You should apologize Suho. “Mentally ill” was not nice to say. It’s derogatory. Don’t let this pass by either…”

“Please apologize. I’m so disappointed in you. You should have known better. I’m your fan, Suho. I cannot understand why you would say such a thing. Say sorry.”


Other comments also criticized Suho and called for him to apologize.

  • First Baekhyun, now Suho… They both speak without thinking and hurt people’s feelings so easily. They should learn.
  • This is a big problem… I hope he realizes what he did wrong and fixes it.
  • You’re LIVE, Suho… What a disappointment.

Fans are upset because in that context, Suho meant being mentally ill is weird.


Most fans are turning this into an opportunity to learn and change themselves as well. While admitting that Suho made a mistake, fans are promising to start watching what they say too.

  • What Suho said is wrong. But we say things like “retarded” all the time and laugh that off. This is hypocrisy.
  • This made me realize… I say “mentally ill” or “retarded” in my daily speech without thinking. I should stop too.
  • I know it’s wrong, but I can’t criticize Suho… People say things like “crazy” or “retarded” or “mentally ill” on air all the time. Even the simplest “stupid” is offensive too, but kids say that all the time. There isn’t a single person who hasn’t used these words… This makes me reflect and learn. Suho should too.


Watch the full clip of Sehun’s Instagram LIVE video here:

Source: Instiz


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