The Real Reason EXO’s Suho Loves Performing “Playboy” Will Break Your Heart

My eyes are just sweating, I swear!

EXO‘s “ElyXiOn Live” album and other goods finally dropped the other day and while there was plenty of celebration there was also a lot of tears thanks to Suho‘s confession as to why he loves performing “Playboy”.


While Suho is always stunning fans with his jaw-dropping performances, his numerous solo stages of “Playboy” during EXO’s “ElyXiOn” concerts left everyone feeling personally attacked.


And it’s certainly not hard to see why!


But fans are now feeling attacked for a very different reason thanks to a short interview in the “ElyXiOn” booklet. When Suho was asked why he performed “Playboy” multiple times for his solo during the “ElyXiOn” concerts, he replied that it all had to do with SHINee‘s Jonghyun.

“‘Playboy’ is a song that my friend SHINee Jonghyun gave to EXO. As soon as I heard it, I felt it was a great song and I wished it was my song. There are many good songs in EXO’s albums, but ‘Playboy’ is very special.”

— Suho


Upon seeing his answer, many fans and non-fans alike were overcome with emotions over the touching and heartfelt reason.


Their friendship really was special and to know that Suho continues to honor him in a special way like this is too much to handle. Now excuse me while I go find some tissues!


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