EXO-Ls Were So Extra Even EXO’s Xiumin Couldn’t Handle It

He was super embarrassed 😂

Although the members of EXO can be over the top with their loving words for fans, Xiumin wasn’t ready for EXO-Ls to take the crown as the ultimate sweet talkers.

When a fan pointed out how much more electricity people have been using while remaining home, they claimed they didn’t have any worries about their bill thanks to Xiumin.

The EXO-L typed, “That’s why I have a picture of Xiumin. You’re our light, so I don’t have to pay any bills for that.

Xiumin was left speechless as he clasped his hands together. That wasn’t the line that caught his attention most, though.

When reading another comment from fans, there was one that really made him pause: “Did they find out you were a fairy in the military? How did you hide that you were a fairy?

Sporting an adorable smile, Xiumin said, “Ah. I really hope you don’t ask questions like this anymore.” He even covered his face to hide from the embarrassment.

EXO-Ls are such sweet talkers that even Xiumin isn’t prepared to take it all in.

Check out Xiumin’s lovable reaction to fans’ overwhelming love.


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