Fortuneteller Reveals What EXO Xiumin’s Future Wife Will Be Like

“Wow…she’s perfect…”

On a recent episode of Sim For You, EXO‘s Xiumin visited a fortuneteller and heard what type of woman he was destined to meet.

The fortuneteller began by stating that Xiumin has good fortune when it comes to meeting a wife.


He continued, “If you really like (a woman), you’re capable of giving up your life for her.” The catch was, however, that not many women satisfy Xiumin’s expectations. In other words, he has very high standards.


Once he found the special person he truly loved, however, he was in it for the long term and wouldn’t ever cheat on her.

It’s something you’re born with. You know, there are people who ignore those things and do whatever they feel like.

ㅡ Fortuneteller


He then stated that Xiumin must meet a woman who is internally stronger than he is. Xiumin chimed in, confirming that he likes women with a strong personality.

When you’re born, your inclination towards your life partner is set. You will marry an internally strong woman with leadership, someone who feels like a mother, a woman with a fun personality who can embrace you.

ㅡ Fortuneteller


After hearing his love fortune, Xiumin was at a loss for words and quietly asked, “Where is this woman…”

Wow…she’s perfect. So where is…(this woman)

ㅡ Xiumin


Watch the full clip below:

Source: V Live
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