EXO-Ls Celebrated The Latest Golden Disc Awards News By Trending #EXOLBailedOutOfJail

They’ve officially been released from “jail” and are celebrating in the best way possible.

Shortly after the 2019 Golden Disc Awards, serious allegations were made that EXO fans had been using illegal methods to create thousands of votes for the “Popularity Award.”

SBS Reports EXO Fans May Have Used Illegal Methods to Vote for ‘2019 Golden Disc Awards’

Due to all the accusations, EXO-Ls started using the #EXOLGoingToJail hashtag to vent some of their frustrations over the issue.


A few days ago, however, LG U+, the Telecommunications Company behind the app used for the Golden Disc Awards voting process, confirmed the number of illegal votes generated by certain fandoms.

The Voting App Company For Golden Disc Awards Confirms the Illegal Vote Accusations

Their findings reported that group “A” generated 168 illegal votes while group “B” generated a total of 184,332 illegal votes in total.


A few days prior to LG U+’s official statement, the EXO account that was first caught up in the scandal, posted their own apology and owned up to a certain number of the illegal votes.

“In addition to DB migration mentioned above, the number of overlapping votes with the separate application installed, etc., far exceeds 168 votes. Despite there being a lot of cases like this, we will inquire again regarding the fact that if the voting through Golden Disc Awards outside route was also cute properly for the 168 votes.”

— EXOLab statement


While LG U+ have not released who group “A” or group “B” are, EXO-Ls believe this is all the proof they need to essentially clear their names. To celebrate, fans have been posting under a new hashtag #EXOLBailedOutOfJail.


And the results have been both hilarious and amazing!