A Korean EXO-L Reminds Fans That EXO Members Are In It Together For Life, Including Chen

She makes some valid points.

While the topic of Chen‘s status in EXO has been a divisive issue between people, sparking huge protests even at the height of the drama, one fan took it upon herself to remind fans that EXO seems to have already made up their mind to keep Chen with them as they move forward.

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On Korean online community, theqoo, the fan brings up definite evidence that the team is sticking together, no man left behind, no matter what the public says. In May 2020, on an official platform for the group, the team released a group photograph that touched many fans. The active members had sent leader Suho off to the army. While the photo ended up sparking controversy due to Chen’s presence, this fan pointed out that the fact that they had uploaded this on the official account, means that they have no plans of excluding the young father.

During Baekhyun‘s promotions for “Candy” this early summer, Chen was also seen visiting the music station to show support for the petite vocalist. He was even present on stage during the encore for the win! As it is a public broadcast, Chen’s presence there speaks volumes about how the members feel about him.

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In an interview, Baekhyun had also once shared the touching story behind the teamwork and friendship of the team. Back before debut, he was one of the weaker dancers along with Chen, although they made up for it with their amazing voices. Baekhyun shared that the other members helped Chen and himself, with Kai teaching Chen and Sehun teaching Baekhyun. Due to their long time practicing together, EXO’s friendship is one of the strongest in the industry.

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In more recent news, as Chen’s OST for drama Do You Like Brahms? was released recently, both Chanyeol and Sehun showed their support on their Instagram stories with a screenshot of them streaming the song.

Lastly, the fan shared that previously, SM Entertainment had already released a kind, but firm statement that the group plans on moving forward together, as a team.

As the management agency for EXO, we have put the members’ opinions first on important issues as well as the direction of the team and the members’ activities.

Before officially announcing Chen’s marriage news, we took the time to discuss with the EXO members, and they have all suffered from the loss of members in the past. The opinion was shared from the members that they want to be together in the future without any changes. We respect the EXO members’ opinions and would like to inform you that there will be no change in EXO members.

— SM Entertainment

This EXO-L pointed out that members themselves gave opinions that they wanted Chen to stay in the team, once and for all, hence fans should respect this as well. It seems as if many comments also agree with the rationality and level-headedness of the post.

While fans may have their own opinions, it seems as if the members have already decided amongst themselves on what they want, leaving only one thing left – for fans to respect their decisions.

Source: theqoo