EXO’s Suho Reveals His Poignant Desire During Meaningful Interview That Will Leave You Ugly Crying

Grab your tissues, because this will hit you in the feels.

During an interview arranged by ODG, EXO‘s Suho had the opportunity to meet with and be interviewed by children, some of which were born the same year the group’s hit song “Growl” was released. In addition to feeling old, which is relatable as heck, he also discussed the difficult part of fame.

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In one of the more poignant moments from the interview, Suho opened up about his desire to be remembered. Despite acknowledging the downside to fame and how it can sometimes be painful to be criticized when you’ve done nothing wrong, he says that ultimately, attention is something to be grateful for.

Source: ODG/YouTube

When asked what would happen if the love he receives shrinks…

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… The question made him introspect a bit, thinking about the future when he gets older.

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For a second, he’s speechless.

Source: ODG/YouTube

Eventually, the feelings in his heart find a way to his lips, and he says, “To be honest, I want to be… someone… Who is remembered?

Source: ODG/YouTube

Although there are lighthearted moments in the interview, this is truly a poignant moment in which he laid his soul bare and will make even the most hard-hearted person shed a tear.

Watch the whole clip below. (The particular segment from this interview begins at about the 8:00 mark.)