Here’s The Facial Feature HyunA Disliked Until Fans Made Her Realize Its Beauty

She grew to love it because of fans’ support.

Although HyunA is known for having many charms and stunning visuals to match, she opened up about one of the insecurities she had about her facial features.

HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Showterview With Jessi host Cho Jung Shik asked the singer a question that many wondered about HyunA’s visuals. He asked whether the beauty mark under her eye was drawn on or natural.

HyunA confirmed that it was natural and revealed, “I didn’t like my beauty mark back when I was young.

Instead of embracing the facial feature, HyunA would try to cover it up with makeup, as seen in past photos from her promotions as part of 4MINUTE.

| 4MINUTE Fancafe

HyunA’s thoughts on it changed, though. Fans loved that it set her apart from others and enhanced her visuals. HyunA said, “But now it’s the era of individual characters.

Because of how much fans like her beauty mark, HyunA grew to love them too. She added, “Now I like the spots on my body, even where they’re at.

Whether someone is an idol or an average person, everyone should take notes from HyunA and love what makes them different.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

See HyunA open up about how fans helped her appreciate what makes her unique.