Here’s The Facial Feature Wonho Believes He Was Blessed With, And Fans Will Definitely Agree

According to Wonho, his fans like this facial feature too.

Wonho recently released his comeback Obsession, with the title track “EYE ON YOU,” and as part of his promotions, he sat down with YouTube channel hello82 and shared a bunch of the photos on his phone.

Wonho | hello82/YouTube 

And while lots of the photos that Wonho shared related to him working out… Wonho wasn’t willing to share a picture of the body part he has worked the hardest for, his butt.

| hello82/YouTube 
| hello82/YouTube 

But instead, he readily shares a picture showing the facial feature that he feels he was blessed with. Wonho doesn’t have to hesitate before answering that he feels like he was blessed with the corners of his lips.

| hello82/YouTube 

He personally likes the corners of his lips because “the corners of [his] mouth naturally curve up, and many fans tell [him his] lips are nice.”

| hello82/YouTube 

And fans will definitely agree that Wonho has an adorable smile.

You can watch “EYE ON YOU” here.

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