Fact Check: Is ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky The Inspiration Behind A Steamy Romance Game Character?

Do you see the resemblance?

Though you may not be familiar with the word “otome,” you have likely seen content from an otome game.

Otome games are story-based video games targeted toward women, with the goal of developing romantic relationships with secondary characters, usually men.

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While they were created in Japan, the games are now available for audiences worldwide. Some popular examples are Obey Me! One Master To Rule Them All and the Korean Mystic Messenger. 

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Many users on TikTok have reported receiving the ads for numerous otome games, including Blood Kiss: A Vampire Romance. Players play as a girl who works around four attractive men and can “date” them as the story progresses.

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In one such ad, viewers couldn’t help but point out that Ruel, one of the four suitors, has an uncanny resemblance to a recently debuted idol — ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky!

@BloodKiss : Vampire romance

Test your flirting skills

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From the blond hair and eye shape to even the tattoo on the side of the neck, there is no denying a strong resemblance between Ricky and the character.

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This may raise the question of whether Ricky inspired this game character, something that would not be entirely out of the question. In the past, many believed that the second lead in True Beauty was inspired by GOT7‘s Jay B.

GOT7’s Jay B and True Beauty character Han Seo Jun

While Ricky’s good looks may lead you to think he walked right out of a manwha

…it’s unlikely the character was based on him. Blood Kiss was released in March 2021 by StoryTaco, before Ricky attracted attention during his time on Boys Planet.

Still, this just proves Ricky’s visuals are that unreal!