A Fan Shows Chuu Their Tattoo Of Her But The Idol Worries Over One Thing

Many fans have gotten tattoos of their favorite artists!

While tattoos have not always been accepted worldwide, attitudes towards them have changed. As a result, many K-Pop idols rock ink of their own.

BTS’s Jungkook | BIGHIT Music
NCT’s Taeyong
TWICE’s Chaeyoung

K-Pop has also served as an inspiration to many fans, who get tattoos inspired by their favorite idols.

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Recently, a fan showed Chuu their tattoo of her, leading to a surprising reaction from the star.

Chuu recently made her official solo debut with her first mini album, Howl, and has held fan call events as part of promotions.

Chuu | ATRP

In a video on TikTok, a fan shared their experience chatting with Chuu during one such call, telling the singer she had gotten a tattoo of the “coolest person.” They then revealed that they had a gorgeous tattoo of Chuu inspired by her “Heart Attack” music video.



Chuu responds with an “Oh my gosh” before asking if she could take a photo of it. She seems to be in complete disbelief as she questions if the tattoo is real.

As time runs out on the call, Chuu expresses how much she likes it, remarking that it also made her feel “nervous.”

Before saying bye, Chuu expresses her only concern over the tattoo, asking the fan if their mother knew they had gotten it done. After the fan confirms, Chuu adorably expressed her relief.

Fans found the call very cute and enjoyed Chuu’s reactions throughout!


I showed Chuu my tattoo and OH MY GOD #chuu #츄 #이달의소녀 loona@@chuu_official

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