These Fan-Customized SEVENTEEN Lightsticks Are So Beautiful Even Other Fandoms Are Jealous

From flowers to Buzz Lightyear, these lightsticks are simply amazing!

SEVENTEEN introduced their official lightstick in 2017 and the simple, clean lines with a pretty diamond in the middle were an immediate hit with Carats.


Then, the group introduced different colored diamonds to allow fans to customize their lightsticks. At some point Carats realized if they were able to change the diamonds in the lightstick, then they would be able to change other aspects of the lightstick too!


Thanks to the amazing personalizing potential, Carats decided to hold a customization competition and so far the results have been stunning!


Adding flowers seems to be a popular choice.


But different blossoms give off a different feeling which means the possibilities are almost endless!


The addition of a little greenery with the flowers changes things even more!


And while the flowered lightsticks are already beautiful, they’re even prettier when they are all lit up!


Plus, there is no need to add a lot. Even just a few blossoms looks amazing!


While some fans have opted to keep things cheery with flowers, others have decided to add even more elegance with a jewel cut like a real diamond.


The diamond’s facets catch the light in a breathtaking way that is just too pretty.


Meanwhile, another Carat has opted for a more simplistic approach.

Although it may be more simplistic its still gorgeous!


While another still has added a cute sticker of their bias!


And who could forget this entry by a Carat who decided to keep things playful!

Looks like Buzz Lightyear is actually a huge fan of SEVENTEEN!


With so many stunning entries already, who knows how they will ever be able to pick a winner!

Source: Pann Nate