The One Fan Letter That Was So Striking, TWICE’s Chaeyoung Still Hasn’t Forgotten It

Here’s what it said.

For years, K-Pop fans have penned letters to their favorite idols to express their love and appreciation. As one of the most famous girl groups in the country, TWICE has received countless fan letters throughout their careers. But one letter in particular struck member Chaeyoung so much that she still remembers it until this day.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @chaeyo.0/Instagram

She talked about the letter in a recent interview with Amazon Music where the group discussed topics like who is the funniest member, who was the last to message them, and what their favorite concert place was.


Towards the end of the chat, the girls were asked what they think about ONCE, their fandom. Nayeon shared that she receives motivation and strength from them.

ONCE is motivation. When I’m in a difficult situation, ONCE gives me strength. And even when it’s hard to find purpose, I can find it from ONCE.

— Nayeon

On the other hand, Mina feels a sense of purpose when they tell her, “Thank you for being born.”

Fans sometimes say ‘thank you for being born’ to me. When I hear those kinds of words, they make me feel like I have a purpose in life, and I’m very grateful and touched,” Mina said.

Finally, Chaeyoung explained that she once received a fan letter from someone who was younger than her. In the letter, the girl explained that Chaeyoung was her role model. It touched the rapper so much that she became happy and felt the weight of responsibility grow even more.

I received a fan letter from a girl who was younger than me, and she said I was her role model. I was happy and felt a great sense of responsibility.

— Chaeyoung

In the same interview, Chaeyoung and her members were asked to name the most memorable place they ever performed at. Check out their answers in the article below.

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Source: Amazon Music


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