Fan Screams At Red Velvet’s Wendy At Fanmeet Over Past Racism Controversy

Wendy has crossed the line twice and this fan had had enough.

In the past fans have shown their disappointment in Red Velvet‘s Wendy because of some comments she made, but she recently encountered one fan who decided to speak out on the subject.


Wendy first encountered problems in 2014 when she appeared on MBC C-Radio‘s Idol True Colors and imitated how she thinks Black women talk.

This was during a portion of the show where the girls were asked to display their individual talents. Afterward, many fans expressed their disappointment in her actions and called her out for being racist.


Unfortunately, Wendy didn’t seem to have learned from that mistake when she appeared on TALKMON earlier this year, as she repeated the same impressions.


This time fans were even more upset about the situation and felt that she hadn’t learned from the past.


Until now, instances of fans scolding Wendy for her problematic impressions had been confined to the internet, but one fan at a recent fanmeet decided to take the issue straight to Wendy.

During the meet in Chicago, Wendy was asked what she wanted to accomplish for the year. When she begins to answer the question, one fan can be heard yelling “don’t be a racist.


Many people applauded the fan for calling out Wendy.


While others did not agree that this method was the best way to do it.

  • “I can’t believe people are amused at the thought of someone sabotaging the fanmeeting and ruining the fun just to confront Wendy. She was already kindly confronted 3 times in PRIVATE which is how it should be done.”

  • “Being edgy is not a way to educate someone.” 

  • “How is this gonna educate her?”

  • “There are definitely better ways to deliver your message than that and before finding a way you need to have a message. What is Wendy supposed to understand from this?”

  • “Well, that didn’t accomplish anything. They could’ve just confronted her in a calm and polite manner, honestly.”

  • “I’m sorry but this is so rude. The event is not just for you to get a message across to her. There are other members and tons of other fans who want to have fun together, but you have to make it awkward for the rest. If she heard and stops, it’s probably not because she understood and her mind was changed, but because she is afraid.”


The rest of the fanmeet went off without a hitch, but it is still unclear whether Wendy heard the fan or not. She has not issued any kind of statement on either of the two incidents or the recent fan meet.


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