A Fan Thanks Stray Kids’ Felix For The Group’s Gender-Neutral Lyrics, And STAYs Praise His Reaction

This should go at the top of Felix’s wholesome moments list!

Stray Kids wrapped up their wildly successful MAXIDENT comeback recently, a comeback that was chock-full of memorable moments. One of these was a particularly wholesome interaction between Felix and a fan.

Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Felix has always been praised for breaking gender norms. In past interviews, he has made it clear on more than one occasion that he does not concern himself with them when it comes to fashion. Speaking with ELLE Korea in 2021, for example, he was asked to name his fashion icons—and he stated that it’s Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Gigi and Bella Hadid. Women’s apparel also gets my attention a lot. I believe that I should wear clothing that suits me best, regardless of gender.

— Felix

In an interview with Arena Homme+ that same year, he once again proclaimed his love for fashion free of boundaries.

I think it’s really cool when a male model pulls off and digests female clothing really well as well as pull off extravagant hair and makeup. I think to myself ‘How would it be if I tried this?’ Personally, I like fashion that breaks boundaries and the imagination.

— Felix

It’s no surprise then, that Stray Kids’ music and lyrics also reflect these feelings—something that many STAYs deeply appreciate. At a fansign in November, one such STAY expressed her thanks to Felix for Stray Kids’ use of gender-neutral lyrics, seeing as it’s something that has made many fans feel seen and included.

| @3RZCHA/Twitter

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, he had the most wholesome reaction. His facial expression when he heard her words clearly showed that he found them touching, and he proceeded to reach out his hand to the STAY in question.

According to her, this was something she had wanted to bring up with Bang Chan, but Felix’s reaction to her message proved to be truly priceless.

STAYs made sure to not only thank her for saying this to him…

…but also emphasized how proud they are of him as an artist and a role model.

Felix never fails to make fans proud but this was definitely one wholesome moment to remember!

Check out the full video on the link right here.

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