Fancy Up Your Bathroom With This Towel-Folding Trick, Brought To You By BTS’s Jin

He’s the towel-folding master.

In Run BTS! Episode 75, BTS‘s Jin was caught on camera showing off his “BTS World Hotelier Kim Seokjin” side while casually folding up a towel in the coolest way ARMYs could imagine. Here’s how you too can fold your towels five-star hotel style, if you’re looking to fancy up your bathroom!


Take a towel and fold one corner down to form a triangular shape. Note how Jin’s towel looks after this step:


Now fold the other corner down in half to create a rectangular shape. It should look like this:


Flip the towel over and start rolling from the square shaped end toward the triangular shaped end.


Once the towel is all rolled up, take a small part of the triangular end and tuck it into the roll so the shape holds.


And voilà, here’s Jin-approved lux hotel-style towels!


Watch Jin fold his towel in one swift, beautiful movement: