Fans Ask GFRIEND’s Umji For A Photo Of Her That Doesn’t Out Them As A Fan

So smart!

It’s common for fans to set their faves as their mobile devices’ wallpapers. However, it poses the tiny problem of being outed as a fan the instant your device lights up. During a Q&A session on Instagram, a fan asked GFRIEND‘s Umji for a photo they could use without being outed as a fan.

Unexpectedly, she provided a photograph of an x-ray scan of her skull, along with the caption, “Something like this? Heh…It’s true that it’s me…It’s really me…! Sorry!

| @ummmmm__j.i/Instagram

This is not the only instance where Umji’s adorable yet witty replies have won us over. Another fan asked her, “What should I do when I feel that the world seems too big?

| @ummmmm__j.i/Instagram

Umji told the fan to simply scream out in response, “I am really tiny but precious!” Positive thinking for the win.

GFRIEND’s really just full of comedians that love their fans. Check out more funny replies from GFRIEND here.

Source: theqoo


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