Fans Can’t Get Over HIGHLIGHT Dongwoon’s Visuals In Latest Comeback With “DAYDREAM”

He’s got both talent and visuals!

K-Pop idol group HIGHLIGHT recently made their comeback with their first full-length album, DAYDREAM. With their return, they have been busy with music broadcasts and various promotions. 

During their album showcase, Son Dongwoon commented, “As this is our first full-length album, we have worked hard on the music and choreography stage, so we hope you enjoy it”. Fans were also shocked at the fact that he lost 8 kg (~17.6 lbs) for this comeback. 

| Nate Pann

He also wore a ball cap in the music video, which gave off a totally different vibe…

| 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

…and fans were totally here for it. 

| @highlight_dnpn/Instagram

It also turns out that he fought with the agency in order to wear the hat, and he ended up winning in the end! Thank goodness because it’s totally his era this comeback!

| @highlight_dnpn/Instagram

He also released a self-composed track, “Our Eyes” for this album and received much praise from fans.

Congrats once again to the boys for their first full-length album release!

Source: nate pann