Fans Can’t Help But Laugh At The Difference Between NCT 127’s Yuta And Doyoung’s Reactions To Hitting A Fan With A Ball

Maybe the next piece of NCT merch should be a helmet. 😂

NCT 127 are known for the differences in personalities between members of the group and how their reactions to things can vary widely. While Doyoung and Yuta both have their own ways of reacting to things, fans often find both of them hilarious when a similar circumstance, like hitting a fan with a ball, happens!

NCT 127’s Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram
NCT 127’s Yuta | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

Yuta recently went viral for his unexpected Y/N moment at a concert in the Phillippines, where he managed to launch a ball toward an NCTzen sitting in an upper section of the venue and hit them. The POV video from the fan being hit made the moment even more comical, as well as the additional angles that surfaced after.

Yuta jokingly apologized to the fan in a recent interview while the group was discussing memes of the members. It seems like at the time he didn’t even realize what he had done!

In Doyoung’s case, the group was performing to a sold-out crowd in Newark, New Jersey on October 13. Doyoung normally is very careful as he tosses balls to fans, so this was a bit unexpected!

This time, it seems like he miscalculated and ended up hitting a fan in the face, who described the moment as being “blessed” by him.

Doyoung can be seen repeatedly and frantically apologizing as the fan searches for the ball on the ground.

| @xdjtae/Twitter

Even more hilariously, in one fan’s video of Doyoung apologizing, Yuta can be seen hurling balls toward members of the audience that are seated further back in a way that is similar to when he first hit the fan.

| @xdjtae/Twitter

NCTzens previously used the clip of Yuta hitting the fan with a ball as a way of warning fans against attending shows, and it seems like those warnings were actually true!



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