Fan’s Claim These Girls Are The Next Generation of K-Pop Dancers

These new generation girl group members have been shocking viewers with their dance moves.

K-pop groups always consist of at least one main dancer to show off the hard choreography in their songs. Among veteran groups, some of these top dancers include idols such as Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon2NE1‘s MinzyAfterschool‘s Kahi, or 4Minute‘s HyunA.

But with a new generation of rookie groups quickly taking over the industry; the public has recognized more and more talents. These new generation rookies have showed that they’re just as capable of captivating their audience with their incredible dane skills. Here are some of the top dancers among the new generation of girl groups:

TWICE‘s Momo

Although J.Y. Park originally criticized Momo for lacking stage presence and facial expressions during TWICE‘s Mnet survival show SIXTEEN, Momo has gradually improved and showed her fans her true capabilities. In addition to the cute and catchy TWICE choreographies, Momo has also proven that she can pull off other concepts as well on the show Hit the Stage. Fans were shocked when Momo showcased her charismatic side, unlike her usual performances. She even took a shot at ballet dancing in one of the episodes!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi

Not only is Seulgi one of the main singers in Red Velvet, but she also takes over the position of the main dancer as well. Red Velvet’s songs are known for including powerful dance moves. In fact, fellow Red Velvet member Yeri even claimed she nearly vomited trying to learn their dance due to the difficult choreography.

Kim Chungha

I.O.I member Chunga took fourth place on the survival program Produce 101 thanks to her dance skills. She showed off her freestyle skills during her evaluation on Produce 101 and left the judges stunned. Fellow trainees couldn’t help but compliment her when she choreographed Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, and Ariana Grande’s “Bang Bang,” and her talents eventually won her a spot among the top 11 on the show. She also showcased her specialty, waacking, a form of dance, through Mnet‘s Hit the Stage.

G-Friend’s SinB

Many have complimented G-Friend for their intricate choreography. Being the main dancer of the group, SinB leads many of these dances showcasing her outstanding ability to the public. Despite G-Friend’s cute and refreshing songs, SinB is still able to show her powerful moves. She even demonstrated that she was capable of taking on other girl group dances without breaking a sweat.

Source: Dispatch