Fans Continue To Analyze IU’s “Eight” Featuring BTS’s Suga And Find Even More Hidden Meanings


Just when you thought there wasn’t anything else to find, dedicated fans continue to find and connect more meaning into IU’s “Eight” music video produced and featuring BTS’s Suga. Right after its release on May 6, fans found a subtle hint of Suga including ARMY into the video as well as fun facts about the production process of the song.

The first thing noticed in the teaser is at the end when the word “eight” appears the “E” and the “I” are connected, creating the number eight.

Fans also found interesting hints in the teaser photo that was released by the agency. The teaser photo doesn’t show an image of IU’s face but rather her hands and accessories. The first things to notice are her nails. The first photo shows her nails looking unfinished and worn while the bottom photo shows her nails being clean and freshly painted. This could represent her transition from being immature and young to mature and whole.

In the music video, the video starts off with her lying on the table as they focus in on her worn nails. However, after the screen asks if she would like to save all her memories, the next scene shows her with freshly painted nails. This could represent her perfectly painted nails to be the memories of her past while the worn-off nails represent her current state.

Back to the teaser photo, you can see that her arms are seen in both photos, one covered in clothing, and one out and exposed. This could symbolize the memories that she wants to hide versus the memories she wants to reveal. This arm could also show meaning to the word “eight” as the Korean word for both arm and eight is “pal.”

In the photo exposing her arm, there are many pearl beads that decorate her arm. If you look closely, there are 27 pearls on her arm with the last one being a flower. Each pearl could represent every year of her life with the flower depicting her 28th year of life.

The curved line on the teaser image also looks like the number two, possibly representing the two artists’ age of being 28.

The teaser image was released on April 28, and if you add up both of IU and Suga’s ages (28+28) you end up with 56 which is also the official release date of the song, May 6.

There is also an image of a clock showing nine o’clock in the teaser along with the numbers “1” and 8.” If you put these numbers together you get “918” which is the debut date of IU (September 18).

Watch the full music video below!