Fans Are Divided Over Apink Naeun’s Latest Photoshoot Because Of Her “New” Face

Some netizens are lamenting the loss of Naeun’s “old” face, while others are loving her more mature look.

When Apink‘s Naeun recently appeared at a promotional event, fans couldn’t help but notice something different about her face, and claimed she had gotten plastic surgery.


Some netizens claimed she had a nose job and changed the shape of her face slightly, while others said she had just lost some weight.


The rumors spread so wide that Naeun even addressed the subject when she guested on Radio Star a few weeks later. When MC Yoon Jong Shin fished around a direct question, she answered with, “I take care [of my visuals] little by little.”


Her face has taken on a more mature look in comparison to her early photos.


Now, new pictorial images have emerged featuring Naeun for Samantha Thavasa‘s “The Happiest Moment” campaign, and netizens are still a bit unsure about her new look.

Images: Samantha Thavasa


Most fans are exclaiming over how pretty the pictures are, even though they are only samples, and how beautiful Naeun looks.

  • “Since it’s Son Naeun…She’s always pretty …”
  • “Her body and her aura makes her so pretty.”
  • “Wow seriously pretty.”
  • “Wow crazy!”
  • “Gorgeous!”


While others say they don’t recognise her and prefer her face before she had work done.

  • “Who are you.”
  • “I miss the old Naeun face.”
  • “Me too. She is still pretty but.. this is not Son Naeun I used to know. Her old face was sooo charming to me.”
  • “Her face looks so different now. She did her nose for sure, but touched her face here and there as well over the years.”
  • “She does look gorgeous, but she also does look different…”
  • “She really looks different and her plastic surgery made her look older.”


And some netizens think she looks better now!

  • “My unpopular opinion is that she actually looks better with her new nose. Of course she was still pretty then but her profile lacked definition.”
  • “She’s so pretty. She looks like a lady now.”
  • “Still getting used to her face but she is pretty lol netizens should make up their mind.”


While netizens are continuing to debate the merits of Naeun’s “new” face vs the “old” one, there doesn’t seem to be any uncertainty over how pretty she was – and still is!


Check out some more of Naeun’s Samantha Thavasa photoshoot below:

Source: Pann Choa