Fans Finally Know The Answer To BTS’s Black Bean Noodle Incident Thanks To Jimmy Fallon

The answer has finally been revealed.

On February 25 KST, BTS made a special guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and had a great time exploring the New York subway and famous deli. They also held a quick Q&A session with questions asked by fans. Fallon had the answer for one fans’ question about the classic black bean noodle incident between RM and Jimin.

This story was supposedly talked about quite often and they stated previously that they hope to share the story the next time they appear on TV. It was perfect timing to ask the question as The Tonight Show came through and asked them during the show.

It was during our trainee days and we were taking a short break from practice. RM said he was going to the restroom when in actuality he had gone to eat black bean noodles by himself while all of us were waiting for him.


RM added that he had a stomachache and that he tried to ask the lady to make the noodles faster so that he could eat it quickly and return in a few minutes.

Fans were so excited to finally have the answer to the question that they were all waiting for.

Watch BTS answer more questions from fans below!

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