Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Find Past Photos Of BTS Wearing Their Artist-Made Collection

There’s nothing ARMYs can’t find!

BTS’s recent official Artist-Made Collection merchandise release has gained so much attention online, it’s becoming super difficult for fans to get their hands on one! It is becoming something that every ARMY needs for their collection as they were all personally designed by the members.

However, after Weverse’s recent glitch online, fans were able to get a glimpse at the merchandise for the members that haven’t been released yet! And after seeing how fast the previous members’ merchandise sold out, fans are getting even more competitive for what’s to come!

It also looks like some eagle-eyed fans spotted members wearing some of the merchandise before the official release as well!

J-Hope was seen wearing Suga‘s guitar pick necklace in an official photo from their 2021 PTD ON STAGE VCR.

Jimin was seen wearing his upcoming special earring merchandise in a previous video.

And of course we all remember our leader RM spoiling us about his joggers in a previous live broadcast!

Also check out what small but important detail fans found on Jimin’s new merch below!

ARMY Are Loving A Small Detail They Noticed Included In Jimin’s New Merch