Fans Mistook f(x)’s Amber Liu For GOT7’s Jackson Wang, And Now We Can’t Unsee It

When you’re so close, you start to resemble each other…

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and f(x)‘s Amber Liu have been friends for so long that they may have picked up some traits from each other.

Amber Liu (left) and Jackson Wang (right).

The two multitalented artists have been friends for years, even when they were both under competitor companies, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment. Now, they’re closer than ever!

They have even cameoed in each other’s music videos! They’re that tight.

Jackson Wang in Amber Liu’s “Shake That Brass” MV.

Their friendship is so great that one might even mistake them for siblings. But now, some have actually mistaken Amber for Jackson.

Jackson Wang (left) and Amber Liu (right) in PANTHEPACK’s “Pull Up” MV. | TEAMWANG/YouTube

Amber recently updated her Instagram with some new sexy photos with herself posed against a motorbike. She continues to stun us with her visuals.

Still, some fans didn’t even recognize and realize it was Amber! Several confessed that, at first glance, they thought it was actually Jackson!

Screenshot on Amber’s post on October 4, 2021. | @ajol_llama/Instagram
Screenshot on Amber’s post on October 4, 2021. | @ajol_llama/Instagram

We can’t deny they’re both incredibly attractive… Besides, Jackson had done photoshoots posed with motorbikes as well. Perhaps, the posing and style choices were responsible.

Jackson Wang.

Maybe they really are twins…

Amber Liu (left) and Jackson Wang (right).
Source: @ajol_llama