Fans Remember The Late SHINee Jonghyun On His Birthday In The Most Beautiful Way

Fans want Jonghyun to know that they will always remember and love him.

SHINee‘s Jonghyun‘s birthday was on April 8, and fans in Korea remembered him in a special way – under a collaborative “forever with fans” memorial.


They put up advertisements around the country celebrating his birthday.

Advertisements in Daegu, South Korea.


The memorial ads celebrate Jonghyun’s life and the coming of spring in Korea.

These ads are in Gangnam station in Seoul.


Advertisements in Daegu appeared a few days before his birthday in exits 1 and 2 of Jungangro station and will be up for a month.


Ads are featured at Gangnam station exits 3, 4, 5 and 6.


And a massive digital ad in Samsung station covers 14 screens at the COEX exit.


The full display near Gangnam covers three stations on line two, including Gangnam and Samsung station, and the Shinbundang Line’s Gangnam station. It also includes one station on line four, Hongik University station.

Each display includes clips from Jonghyun’s “BASE” album.


And digital ads at Sinsa station’s exit 8 in Seoul were also on display.


Even more fans shared memories, pictures and comments on social media.

  • “I feel like he’d be waiting in heaven making amazing music. Sometimes when I concentrate on the lyrics of your songs, there are so many lines that make me think of you… you’ve worked hard, rest peacefully…”
  • “I’m sure he’s a shining star by now, right? I miss you. I won’t forget you, Jonghyun.”
  • “Jonghyun, I’ve been waiting for this day with such longing. I hope you’re spending the day listening to your birthday messages. Thank you so much for your great songs. We’ll always be with you so don’t worry. I love you so, so much.”


Jonghyun was the #1 trending topic on Twitter on the 8 April in Korea under the hashtag #Jonghyunhappybirthday.


And he is still being remembered on Twitter a day later.


Happy birthday, Jonghyun. We’ll never forget you.

Source: OSEN

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