Fans Send Gifts To G-Dragon In The Army…But Another Soldier Has Been Receiving It All Instead

A lucky soldier has been receiving gifts from around the world!

It has not been long since G-dragon was enlisted in the army, but his base is already swarming with gifts from fans! However, it seems there was some confusion as G-dragon was not the only Kwon Jiyong at this base!


The two soldiers who have identical names can be differentiated by their birth date.

G-Dragon’s birth date is August 18, 1988 who enlisted a few weeks after the other Kwon Jiyong, making him the second “Kwon Jiyong” on the list.


But fans who didn’t notice the difference had been sending their gifts to the wrong Kwon Jiyong!


As you can see from the birth date, this is not G-Dragon!

This lucky “Kwon Jiyong” has been receiving gifts from around the world!

Source: Instiz