Fans Uncover The Shocking Level of Maliciousness Apink’s Naeun Faced In Her Hater’s Comments

“What a lunatic. He’s a f*cking psychopath.”

Recently, Apink‘s Naeun and her lawyers revealed that she will be dropping her lawsuit against her most notorious hater…


… because the hater and his family claimed that he is suffering a mental disorder and Naeun found it in her generous heart to forgive him.

Apink’s Naeun Forgives Her Most Notorious Hater, Fans Don’t Understand How


Upon hearing this news, however, Naeun’s fans couldn’t quite come to an understanding of why — or how — she could not want to penalize him for the things he has said to her and her loved ones. They uncovered some of the most malicious things that this hater had allegedly said about Naeun:

Son Naeun’s p*ssy is a sl*tty p*ssy. iKON‘s B.I licked Son Naeun’s p*ssy like a dog and f*cked it!!! Son Naeun is an ugly sl*t who can’t act and she’s a retarded comfort woman who murders by abortion. Son Naeun is a flat chested b*tch with no curves…. Son Naeun is a dirty b*tch who gives sexual favors, etc.

— Son Naeun’s Hater @eddie39r on Instagram


At the time, Son Naeun also expressed her rage by addressing the hater directly. She left him a comment, asking him to stop leaving nonsense about her and her family on her Instagram. However, once the hater’s medical history of mental disorder was shared, Naeun decided to drop the charges — particularly to show mercy on his family who begged her for forgiveness in tears.

Do you feel better about yourself now that you’ve cursed out my family? If you hate me, then take it out on me. And stop saying such ridiculous nonsense.

— Son Naeun


Naeun’s fans, along with the infuriated Korean netizens, remain speechless and completely horrified though, by the amount of unreasonable hate in these comments. Upon facing the maliciousness from the hater, fans continue to hope that she would possibly reconsider her decision to let this slide, regardless of the hater’s and his family’s situation.

Source: THEQOO