Fashion Brand FILA Panics Over The “Nth Room Sex Abuse” Culprit Cho Joo Bin’s Outfit In Press Photos

“We are terribly sorry to bother you, but…”

On March 25, 2020, the shocking “Nth Room Sex Abuse” case’s main perpetrator Cho Joo Bin stood in front of the Korean press for the first time, as he was arrested and forwarded to prosecution for investigation. When Cho Joo Bin’s press photos began circulating online…

the fashion brand FILA could not help but panic over Cho Joo Bin’s outfit — with FILA written across the sweatshirt.

FILA Korea and its marketing team immediately responded by reaching out to Korean reporters, in a text politely requesting them to please crop or blur the brand’s logo in Cho Joo Bin’s pictures…

Text message from FILA Korea’s marketing team to a Korean press reporter

… in hopes of preventing the brand’s reputation from being ruined by an unintended association with the case.

Hello press reporters, this is FILA Korea’s marketing team. This morning, Cho Joo Bin — the main culprit behind the Nth Room Sex Abuse case that has the nation shook — stood before the press in one of FILA brand’s products. As a brand targeting and communicating with teens, we are as thoroughly disconcerted by the outfit as we are angry about the case. We understand it may be difficult while you are covering the news; however, we would like to politely request if you could please crop or blur the FILA logo on his top in his pictures. We are terribly sorry to bother you, but we hope you could please understand. Thank you.

— FILA Korea

Fortunately, Korean netizens shared that they “won’t associate the brand with the criminal or the case”.

Source: Insight and THEQOO

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