Fellow ARMY Shares Photo Of Daughter Using New Desks Donated By BTS’s Jimin

BTS’s Jimin is truly an angel.

Recently, BTS’s Jimin quietly made another donation to his old high school by changing all 1,200 desks of the students attending. News of his donation spread quickly and became known by fans all around the world about his kind gesture. On the fan app Weverse, a fellow ARMY posted a message about her daughter being able to use the desks Jimin donated at school.

A fan’s daughter happened to be attending Busan Art High School and was happy to know that they would be able to study with new desks. Jimin, who is her daughter’s high school senior, has become well-respected among the school’s current students as he continues to make contributions to education in Busan.

The fan also tells a story her daughter heard about Jimin at school. The physical education teacher recalled the time Jimin would come over and say, “Teacher, teacher why are you so busy these days,” while holding onto the teacher’s arm. The teacher commented that they continued to receive contact from Jimin for many years after and that he would be a student they will always remember.

The fan also shared a photo of the classroom with the new desks donated by Jimin.

Fans who read the post were touched at Jimin’s generous donations and praised him for his good heart.

His constant donations show just how much he thinks about the younger generation in hopes that they will study hard and go for their dreams.

Our little Jimin angel has continued to inspire many fans all around the world to give back and help those who are in need.