This Female Idol Is The Real “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

Don’t be fooled by her size!

If there is one thing that Strong Woman Do Bong Soon taught us, it’s that appearance can be deceiving. Very much like the K-Drama superheroine, there is one idol who uses her tiny frame for some impressive feats!


Gugudan‘s Sejeong may only be 5’5″ tall and weigh 105 pounds, but she’s got an incredible strength that would rival Superman!


Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance, she could easily take down any opponent. She easily defeated EXID‘s Hani at an arm wrestling match.


And former SISTAR member Dasom was taken down even quicker!


Not to mention her easy takedown of Park Myeong Su!


Sejeong also got some impressive leg muscles which she also uses to defeat her challengers.


Of course, Sejeong doesn’t just show her strength during challenges, she’s also skilled at lifting other idols like BTOB‘s Eunkwang


MONSTA X‘s Shownu


And even Defconn!


Even when someone is trying their hardest and using their whole body to stop her, they just can’t!


Add in her speed and anyone should think twice before going up against her.


How such a tiny and cute girl can pack such a punch is anyone’s guess!


It just goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge someone based on their looks!