Female Idol Reveals She Was Constantly Abused By Her EX-Boyfriend

Juniel broke her silence in two ways on October 31.

It was the showcase of her first album in more than 4 years, and the first time she spoke publicly about her personal experience of dating abuse.

She talked about how she decided to keep a low profile last year after being constantly abused by her ex-boyfriend.

“Last year, when I was 24, I stayed home for 5 months because I was sick. I kept a low profile. It was a difficult time in my life. I wrote “I Drink Alone” during that time. When I played the song for those around me then, they empathized. Everyone was lonely and in a rut. I realized that the song might comfort others and decided to release it.”

— Juniel

She talked candidly about her experience of dating abuse and send a spoke out about the courage and the need to leave abusive relationships.

“If someone is in an abusive relationship, I wish they can leave it as soon as possible. The process may be dangerous, so I hope they can reach out to friends and those around them for help. I want to say to those who’ve survived dating abuse, ‘Good job’. It’s a really difficult process.”

— Juniel


Her bravery is markable and here’s to hoping that her words heal and help others!