FIFTY FIFTY Names The K-Pop Girl Group That Inspires Them

“I’ve learned a lot from their performances, music, and attitude.”

FIFTY FIFTY debuted in November 2022 and quickly earned attention for their catchy songs and talent. While they earned critical acclaim for their debut EP, their second release sent their fame to new heights when their title track, “Cupid,” went viral on TikTok.

(From left:) Aran, Saena, Sio, Keena | @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

In a recent interview with PopCrush, the group opened up about their newfound fame, sharing that their sudden success with “Cupid” was unexpected but that they were grateful for the “surreal” experience.

I still don’t believe it. Everything feels so surreal. We were hearing people say, ‘Oh! You know we’ve heard your song on the street?’ and ‘We’ve seen your videos everywhere.‘ But doesn’t hit us this hard as they say it really does. So, we’re very happy and it definitely feels surreal.

— Fifty Fifty’s Saena

The success of “Cupid” helped FIFTY FIFTY become the fastest K-Pop girl group to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

| @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

As the hype around the rookie group continues, the group has been opening up about themselves, letting existing and new Hunnies (FIFTY FIFTY fans) know more about what inspires them as artists.

When asked about senior girl groups that inspired them, member Keena shared that she considers BLACKPINK her role model.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Keena revealed that she had been practicing the group’s songs and dances since she was a trainee and often performed the songs during her monthly evaluations.

I learned their songs and dances through videos since I was a trainee, and for the monthly evaluations I practiced their songs.


In a separate interview with Mashable, Saena also revealed her love for BLACKPINK.

I love all the members. They have so much charm and such big energy, and that gives me energy. I’ve learned a lot from their performances, music, and attitude. I really respect Blackpink.


FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena (left) and Saena (right) | @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

FIFTY FIFTY also confessed they watch a lot of content from fellow 4th-gen K-Pop girl groups, including aespa, ITZY, and LE SSERAFIM.

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Source: YouTube and Mashable


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