Filipina “A2K” Contestant Exposes J.Y. Park’s True Personality

She shared what her audition experience was like.

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A contestant on the audition program A2K revealed what filming the show was really like.

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JYP Entertainment‘s new global girl group audition program called A2K, which is an acronym for “America to Korea,” is currently streaming via YouTube. The show is co-produced by Republic Records. The objective is to launch a new girl group by the end of 2023. JYP Entertainment founder and singer-songwriter J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin Young, The Asiansoul, and JYP) explained that they sought “American talent to create a girl group through a K-Pop system.

J.Y. Park | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

An A2K contestant went viral on TikTok after Episode 3 was released. When viewers saw 14-year-old Camille de la Cruz from New Jersey, they wondered if she was Filipina. The video went viral with over 1M views as netizens rooted for her, hopeful for representation in the K-Pop industry. 


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Finally, Camille de la Cruz responded to netizens after getting tagged in the viral video multiple times. Some had even commented on her videos, asking if she was the girl who auditioned for A2K.

I just wanted to come on here and clarify things. Yes, that is me in the video. I auditioned for A2K late last year.

—  Camille de la Cruz

Camille de la Cruz shared her personal experience auditioning and filming A2K. She expressed that J.Y. Park was actually very nice and gave her advice concerning the industry. 

I just have to say it was an amazing experience. It was honestly super fun, and I was super excited because I got to meet JYP. He’s actually one of the most nicest and most talented people I’ve ever met. He gave me a lot of great advice and wisdom about the industry, and I’m just super grateful to him.

—  Camille de la Cruz

So, Camille de la Cruz felt really grateful for her time with A2K. She said that it was an unforgettable opportunity.

Auditioning for A2K really inspired me, and right now, I’m actually focusing on my solo career and my own music. But I have nothing but amazing memories working with JYP and the whole A2K team. I really will be forever grateful, and I’ll never forget this opportunity.

—  Camille de la Cruz

Unfortunately, Camille de la Cruz didn’t pass into becoming a finalist. However, she has not given up. 

Camille de la Cruz has been focusing on her solo music career since then. She has been sharing songs and hopes to release an EP soon. 

So, if you’re wondering what I’m doing now, I actually have three solo songs that we’ve released this year, and I’m super excited about it. I’ve also been working on releasing an EP later this year.

—  Camille de la Cruz



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Watch Camille de la Cruz’s video below.


Replying to @pshh yes im that girl. #jypentertainment #a2k #singers #wherearetheynow

♬ original sound – Camille de la Cruz

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