The First Generation Idol Shocking Netizens With Her Flawless Visuals And Physique During Seoul Fashion Week

The 42-year-old idol debuted over 20 years ago!

It seems as if the past few years have really been the year of the girl groups. Not only has K-Pop seen new groups debut, but those veteran groups have also seen their old songs go viral or have returned to celebrate a huge anniversary.

IVE is one of the hottest fourth-generation groups | @Ivestarship/Twitter
Despite debuting in 2007, Girls’ Generation’s 15-year anniversary comeback was met with excitement | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

Yet, even though the past few years have seen the rise of girl groups from across the generations, one group that will always be iconic is S.E.S.

The members of S.E.S | SM Entertainment

The group first debuted back in 1997 under SM Entertainment and was one of the first major girl groups that took over the K-Pop industry. Throughout their careers, they gained attention for their visuals and talent and continued to shine whenever making surprise comebacks or special appearances.

S.E.S “Love” music video | SMTOWN/YouTube
“Dreams Come True” music video | SMTOWN/YouTube

One member of the group that recently gained attention for her flawless visuals and proportions is member Bada.

S.E.S’s Bada | @bada0228/Instagram

Although the group isn’t active, Bada has been showcasing her life to fans on social media. Despite being 42 years old, the star has wowed with her unaging visuals for the past few years. It almost seems impossible to imagine how long ago she debuted and the fact she’s a mother to a two-year-old.

| @bada0228/Instagram
| @bada0228/Instagram
| @bada0228/Instagram

Well, the idol recently gained a lot of attention and love after showing her ageless visuals and undeniable proportions during Seoul Fashion Week, fashion designers and brands were allowed to showcase their designs under different themes.

One of the designers who joined the fashion show was Kwak Hyun Joo. For their collection, they had Bada showcase the looks, and the star shared it on social media. In the video, Bada looks flawless walking down the catwalk.

Bada at fashion week in Seoul | @bada0228/Instagram
| @bada0228/Instagram   

Yet, it isn’t surprising that Bada looked at home on the catwalk, as her proportions are perfect for a model. At 164cm, Bada has the perfect figure, and it meant that she allowed the unconventional outfit to shine.

| @bada0228/Instagram

When the images and videos were shared, the comments were full of admiring fans who couldn’t get enough of Bada’s visuals and how stunning she looked in the outfits.

  • “There are no ends to your hidden charms. What is the limit of your charms?”
  • “When it comes to the long legs and small face silhouette, noona, you’re the original.”
  • “Wow, noona, your body’s silhouette is giving me the chills… wow”
  • “It’s our pride LOL. Noona, due to your small face and amazing proportions, everyone faints when they first see you in real life.”

Even Korean actor, singer, and comedian Kwon Hyuk Soo couldn’t get over Bada’s visuals, adding, “Wow noona, you are amazing, You’re so cool.”

Although S.E.S debuted over 20 years ago, the members are still wowing with their visuals no matter what they do. After their 20-year reunion in 2017, netizens will happily take an S.E.S reunion again.

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Netizens Amazed By The Unaging Visuals Of A Second-Gen Girl Group Member

Source: @bada0228
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