Former After School Member Forced To Look For Physical Labor Jobs Out Of Desperation

After graduating from After School, this member faced some financial challenges!

Actress and former After School‘s Yoo So Young appeared on Heard It Through the Grapevine Show as a panel. While covering news on celebrity Lee Sang Won‘s recent bankruptcy issue, Yoo So Young shared stories of her own financial difficulties.

Yoo So Young “graduated” from After School in 2009 and debuted as an actress in 2010.


Yoo So Young explained, “I looked for part-time positions when I didn’t have any work.”

This surprised the other panels. Another panelist mentioned that it is difficult for celebrities to land part-time positions, as some employers do not prefer hiring well-known people.


Yoo So Young said she first applied to work at a cafe. But because she did not know how to use a commercial coffee machine, she was not hired.


Yoo So Young explained, “I realized I don’t have any skills, so I didn’t have a lot of options.” So she became interested in simple, physical labor jobs.


Yoo So Young added that when she found a loading job at a warehouse, she was interested. But the shift required her to work overnight with a lot of men, so she got scared.

She explained that’s when the show contacted her to join the panel.


Another panelist, famous TV personality and businessman Hong Seok Cheon, offered Yoo So Young to come work at one of his restaurants. Yoo So Young gladly accepted and the panelists praised her courage to step up and do what she needs to do!

Source: Mydaily
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