Former After School Member Jooyeon Gets Surprised With Her Resemblance To STAYC’s Yoon

Jooyeon thought it was herself 😂

Former After School member Jooyeon is cracking up fans with her recent Instagram story update!

The former girl group member uploaded a capture of rookie girl group member STAYC‘s Yoon onto her personal Instagram page with a very hilarious caption.

OMG I thought that was me…

— Jooyeon

She continued with the caption to praise her hoobae‘s looks.

She’s much prettier than me.

— Jooyeon

| High Up Entertainment

Now that she mentions it, the two beauties do resemble one another! While these two definitely have similar features, the hair is what really makes them look like each other. The long, straight black hair with the full bangs makes them look like they’re related!

This is STAYC’s Yoon…

| Dispatch

…and this former After School member Jooyeon! They do kind of resemble each other, don’t they?

Though they are from different generational girl groups, it’s hard to deny their similar looks. What do you guys think? Do you see the similarities?

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