Former Big Hit Trainee Reveals Story Of How He And J-Hope “Annoyed” RM Awake

Poor RM.

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his bright and humorous personality, and it seems that he was like this even when he was a trainee.

Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, was once a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment who trained alongside the BTS members, and he’s released several videos talking about what the BTS members are like. In one video, he shared a hilarious story revolving around J-Hope. The story happened in the Summer of 2011 when all the trainees were taking showers after practice, getting ready to go to bed.

After Jihoon finished his shower, he decided to watch some pro wrestling on TV.

While he was watching, J-Hope came out of the shower and decided to watch alongside him. Jihoon then revealed that the two were shirtless and lying on their backs while watching TV.

Due to this, when Jihoon lifted his back from the floor, it ended up making a fart-like sound.

After J-Hope heard this, he immediately started laughing and tried making the sound himself.

Jihoon and J-Hope ended up spending multiple minutes making these fart-like sounds.

They ended up disturbing RM who was trying to sleep in the room right next to them. Jihoon and J-Hope apologized to RM, and RM went right back to sleep.

However, J-Hope and Jihoon continued to make fart noises, but this time with other body parts, such as their armpits.

J-Hope once again burst into laughter after Jihoon showed him that he could make a farting sound with his thigh and calf.

While they were laughing and making sounds, they once again awoke RM who asked them to please be quiet.

After this, Jihoon and J-Hope stopped making fart noises and decided to fool around while watching TV.

There’s more in the full video below!


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