Girl Group Causes Outrage Because Of Nudity, Forced To Cancel Showcase

Against all odds, will Honey Popcorn be able to successfully debut in Korea?

Honey Popcorn is a soon-to-debut rookie K-Pop girl group with three membersYua MikamiMiko Matsuda, and Moko Sakura, who are all Japanese porn stars. The group originally planned to hold a debut showcase on March 14th, but the show was cancelled against heavy criticism.


Member Yua Mikami uploaded a handwritten letter on her Instagram account, explaining that the showcase has been cancelled for now.

“The first fan showcase that we, Honey Popcorn, planned with our debut was cancelled. We are truly sorry. We sincerely love K-Pop and respect K-Pop. So debut was our dream come true. We worked on the album purely out of our love and passion for K-Pop. We are still trying our best to make this work. We understand that in Korea, there is concerns about us debuting. But if you could give us the chance to make small steps to debuting and performing as a K-Pop group, we won’t let you down. Please try to support us. Thank you.”


Member Yua Mikami was under controversy before for the semi-nude pictures she uploaded to her Instagram.

Japanese Pornstar Debuting In K-Pop Group Shares Steamy Photos For Fans


When news of Japanese porn stars forming a K-Pop idol group came out, Koreans reacted fiercely by creating a Blue House petition to ban the group’s debut and filing complaints with the venue that booked Honey Popcorn’s showcase.

17K people have signed this petition against Honey Popcorn’s debut in Korea.


Honey Popcorn’s agency KYUN CREATE and fans Twitter account are still hopeful. The agency stated, “Members are working hard to debut and showcase their best performances for Korean fans.”


Honey Popcorn members are reportedly passionate about K-Pop. Watch Yua Mikami’s latest K-Pop dance cover.

Source: Instiz
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