Former K-Pop Idol Tells All About Dating In Secret And Its Hardships

Do you think dating a K-Pop idol would be difficult?

In a dating show new to Netflix, Change Days 2, four couples on the brink of breaking up are given the chance to work out their issues. Following the plot of the first season, couples appearing on this show date each others partners and will ultimately decide on if their current relationship is truly what they want.

The couples are matched together by hosts Heo Youngji, Code Kunst, Jang Do Youn, and Yang Se Chan and observed during their dates to see how well they match.

Heo Youngji, Yang Se Chan, Jang Do Youn, and Code Kunst host Change Days 2. | Netflix

One of the couples many viewers have a vested interest in are Lee Jeong Hun and Choi Hui Hyeon. The couple’s newest issues stem from Jeong Hun having to complete his enlistment soon after postponing it throughout his previous career.

Lee Jeonghun (left) and Choi HuiHyeon (right) talking about their relationship. | Netflix

Jeong Hun (also known as Junghoon) was a member of the K-Pop boy group TST (formerly known as TopSecret and 7Stone). He was a member of the group from its debut until he left the group in November 2020. He also competed on The Unit alongside the rest of the group.

| KJ Music Entertainment

The couple has been dating for over 5 years and met on a blind date when Jeonghun was still a trainee and have been together ever since. According to the couple, they had many difficulties while dating in secret during Jeong Hun’s idol career.

Hui Hyeon talking about difficulties dating an idol in secret. | Netflix

According to Hui Hyeon, the couple broke up previously during his time as an idol.  She stated that “because he was too busy with his work so I was lonely.”

I think I’ve been lonely in this relationship from the start. We couldn’t go on dates like like others and could barely contact each other. I had a boyfriend, but I was lonely.

—Hui Hyeon

Jeong Hun shared his perspective saying that when they first started dating he “had a job, but didn’t have any income,” and because of that, the financial burden of dating fell on Hui Hyeon’s shoulders. He felt shame because of that and began working part-time in addition to his idol activities.

Jeong Hun sharing his side of things. | Netflix

The couple’s newest issues stem from Jeong Hun needing to enlist after delaying as many idols do and the financial issues they will endure. Hui Hyeon fears that she may not be able to wait for him during the year-and-a-half period because it would be too similar to the previous hardships she face.

Throughout the show, both Hui Hyeon and Jeong Hun will date other people before ultimately deciding whether or not to stay together.

Did you think dating an idol would be this difficult?

Source: Netflix