Former K-Pop Staff Spills On How They Prevent Sasaengs From Breaking Into Idols’ Hotel Rooms

“What we try to do on tours is…”

When it comes to sasaengs (obsessive fans), they often overstep boundaries to invade K-Pop idols’ safety and privacy. They’ve even gone as far as breaking into hotel rooms, which happened to 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Chansung when they were sleeping naked.

Taecyeon | @real_2pmstagram/Instagram

Some even trespassed onto NCT 127‘s tour bus and broadcasted the group’s hotel information, putting them in danger.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

While staff members can’t prevent everything from happening, a former one revealed a few tips on how they lessen the chance of idols’ rooms getting broken into while touring.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. | Ming Dai/Pixabay

As a former staff member for popular groups like EXO and SHINee, YouTuber Joycie shared some ways they used to keep idols safe on tour. For hotels, the first method was to reserve an entire floor of rooms. She said, “If you’re of a certain popularity and you have a lot of staff members, what we try to do on tours is we try to block the hotel floor to everyone on the tour group.

It was the simplest way to make sure that idols don’t have sasaengs or “fans that are on the same floor” as them. Although the hotel might only have half a floor available, it still added two layers of protection.

Not only did idols have more privacy and felt comfortable being surrounded by staff, but hotel key cards often limit access to the floor where a guest is staying. So sasaengs couldn’t access a group’s room if their staff booked the entire floor.

Take a listen to Joycie explaining how much staff members try to protect idols’ safety and privacy.

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