Former “Produce X 101” Contestants Lee Jinhyuk and Kim Mingyu Spotted Hanging Out

They later met up with more fellow ex-contestants!

After appearing together as contestants on Produce X 101, it seems Lee Jinhyuk and Kim Mingyu chose to extend their friendship outside the show! The two were seen walking together and heading to a cafe to hang out.

After, the two caught up with fellow ex-contestants Lee Sejin and Kang Seokhwa!

Lee Jinhyuk and Kim Mingyu, as well as Lee Sejin, are both in the line-up for potential project group BY9. The group was created by fans and consists of those in the top 20 who didn’t make into X1.

National Producers Hope This Group Of Eliminated Trainees Debut In A Group Together

As of now, it is unsure if they will debut in a group together, but fans have donated money to push the group’s debut.

“PRODUCE X 101” Fans Gather 100 Million Won To Fund The Debut Of The 9 Disqualified Members

Fans are taking this interaction as a positive sign, and hope they get to debut together soon!

Source: Pann