Former SECHSKIES Kang Sunghoon Wants To Meet With Loyal Fans To Thank Them

He wants to thank fans who “believed and waited” for him.

After leaving SECHSKIES earlier this year, former member Kang Sunghoon has been in the media a lot—but not for the reasons fans would hope for. From the controversy of being suspected of leaving malicious comments about fellow celebrities, calling his fellow idols ugly, and even re-selling gifts from fans, 2019 hasn’t been Sunghoon’s year.

In a post to his social media, Sunghoon told his fans that he wants to hold a fan meeting. He said that he wanted to spend a meaningful time meeting with fans who believed in him and waited for him.

The fan meeting will be held for free on November 30, with limited seating at the venue. Details are expected to be released in a future announcement.

Source: kstyle